Subset of humans. Werewolves are capable of switching between a "wolf form"; a huge, bipedal wolf-like creature and a human form. In their wolf form, werewolves are much faster and stronger than their human counterparts. In their human form werewolves are -- aside from their yellow eyes, physically indistinguishable from other humans. However, most werewolves pick up wolfish mannerisms, setting them apart from other humans in manner if not appearance.

Werewolves are the only type of humans naturally capable of magic. They can command wolves to follow them in their wolf form as well as heal themselves. In their human form they can range from mages capable of only simple spells to masters. Most werewolves are only able to learn the magic that the region they are from specializes in, but there are some who can master many, if not all.

The wolf form of a werewolf varies in color depending on the region, and can range from charcoal to cream. Male werewolves can be up to 10' tall and 900 lb, females around 8' and 700 lb. Werewolves have thick, muscular bodies with elongated arms and dangerous claws. They tend to have a slight hunchback in addition to their relatively shorter legs.

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